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When you need full-service pressure washing in St. Petersburg, FL, which company should you choose? To support a local business that puts neighbors like you first, pick St. Pete Power Wash! When it comes to pressure washing surfaces until they shine, it doesn’t get better than us. Our team isn’t just friendly and professional. They’re flexible, too. So, whether you need them to brighten up your concrete patio, reinvigorate the exterior walls of your house, or spray down your fence posts, they’re ready to leap into action. Whatever you’d like us to wash for you, just know that we’re dedicated to your customer satisfaction! We will amaze you with the results of our work, and that’s our promise to you.

If you like what you’re hearing, why not reach out to us for a free cost estimate? All you have to do is contact us online with some information about your project. Or give us a call at 727-758-7799 if you’d prefer. You can also learn more about us to understand what we’re about and how we’ve helped our customers. Either way, we’ll be happy to learn more so we can help you next!

Pressure Washing Companies in St. Petersburg FL

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Our pressure washing services are the simple solution to any sort of dirty surface. We will use our hoses to spray these surfaces down, quickly removing all the debris that we can find. This includes dirt, moss, mold, algae, and many other kinds of filth!
Pressure Washing


Our roof cleaning allows you to transform your shingles/tiles without ever taking your feet off the ground. We will use a gentle “soft washing” technique to remove rooftop debris without causing any damage. That way, your roof can look its best in no time.
Roof Cleaning


Our window cleaning services are the best way to provide your windows with the crystal-clear shine they deserve. We make it happen using our filtered water. This water won’t leave any residue behind, so when we spray your windows with it, they’ll be clean in a flash.
Window Cleaning


Our power washing is the key to reawakening the original shine of your surfaces. Layers of grime will suffocate the true color of your property, but our power washing pros will free it from that filthy prison. The best part is that we offer reasonable prices, meaning our services are well within your budget.
Power Washing


Our concrete cleaning services aren’t rocket science. We begin by treating the concrete surface in question with sodium hypochlorite. This special chemical will quickly deteriorate any tough debris so we can wash it away with ease.
Concrete Cleaning


Our fence cleaning services are a great choice whether your fences are made of wood, metal, vinyl, iron bars, chain links, or anything else you can imagine. Additionally, it doesn’t matter how far the fence stretches. We’ll work quickly to get the job done at a pace you’ll appreciate.
Fence Cleaning


When your entire residential property could use some touching up, St. Pete Pressure Wash has the house washing services for you. We will gladly hose down all the exterior walls of your home whether it’s one story tall, two stories tall, or perhaps even larger!
House Washing


Try our gutter cleaning services to make your gutters look great and function well. We’ll start by brushing the gutters’ exteriors so they are bright and clean. Then, we’ll remove any large pieces of debris from inside the gutters. Finally, we’ll brush out the gutters’ interiors, too.
Gutter Cleaning

Commercial Pressure Washing

Thanks to our commercial pressure washing, local businesses can keep their locations clean so they can appeal to the maximum amount of customers. By having us spray down your parking lots, exterior walls, and other surfaces, you can boost your curb appeal and make more money!
Commercial Pressure Washing
Pressure Washing Companies in St. Petersburg FL

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Pressure Washing Company in St. Petersburg FL

Your Interaction

We only hire friendly faces who take pressure washing seriously. These team members are always fully trained, and during this training, we teach them the right techniques not just for pressure washing, but for interacting with customers, too. Expect them to show you kindness, respect, and commitment all the way through your appointment.

Pressure Washing Company in St. Petersburg

YOUR Safety

When you choose St. Pete Pressure Wash, you can let go of your worries and relax. That’s because we have comprehensive liability insurance as well as workers’ compensation insurance. On top of this, we are extra mindful of safety, and we always work cautiously to ensure that nothing goes wrong in the first place. Just because we have insurance doesn’t mean we should have to use it.

best Pressure Washing Company in St. Petersburg FL


Our team is highly experienced, having taken on hundreds of pressure washing jobs in the past. It’s for this reason that you can count on us. We know what we’re doing, and we want to do it for you so you relax and spend the time however you wish during your appointment. We’ll just give you a call as soon as we’re done so you can see our work for yourself.

best Pressure Washing Company in St. Petersburg

Your Confidence

We’re not kidding when we say that our neighbors love us. Look us up on Google, and you’ll see that we have plenty of five-star reviews to our name. We didn’t get those by doing a poor job. We got those from working hard, making surfaces perfectly clean, and doing the work at a fast pace that our customers love. Choose us with confidence. We’re the best in the business!

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